Home Is Where Your Art Is

Bee & Oak is an artist-owned brand of home decor items with original watercolor paintings printed on them, including art prints, decorative pillows and more.

Every item in the shop started as an original had painted art piece using artist-grade paints.  

Products are constantly added to the shop throughout the year so you're welcome to scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign-up for the newsletter in order to receive updates on products and special offers.

About the owner


I'm Dana, an interdisciplinary creative, artist and trained graphic designer.

I've always loved creating and painting, especially with watercolors, ever since I discovered the wonders of this medium over 20 years ago whie  in high school. I also enjoy experimenting with other art mediums but watercolors are my favorite. My paintings are mostly inspired by nature - plants and animals and I enjoy watching them "come to life" on paper as I paint.  

I like the thought of my paintings and designs traveling the world and bringing art and aesthetic into people's daily lives. 

I'm open for commissions and I'll be happy to hear about new projects and collaborations. 

Thanks for visiting :)

Dana RM - Bee & Oak

YouTube: BeeandOak
Email: info@beeandoak.com
Instagram: @beeandoak